Broken Garage Door Springs Are Dangerous. Our Garage Door Spring Repair Services in Newark & Reynoldsburg, OH Can Help

Schedule garage door spring repair services in Newark & Reynoldsburg, OH

A malfunctioning garage door isn't just an inconvenience-it's also a safety hazard. Broken garage door springs may cause your garage door to fall and damage your cars or injure somebody.

Metro Garage Door Services in Newark and Reynoldsburg, OH can keep your garage door working properly. We'll repair your garage door springs efficiently so that you don't have to park your car outside or worry about your garage door falling.

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Garage door spring repair

Is your garage door spring broken?

Spring repairs and replacements are common services for garage doors. You may need garage door spring repair services if:

  • Your garage door is closing quickly
  • Your springs are stretched or elongated
  • Your springs are showing signs of wear and tear

We'll make sure your garage door springs are in good condition and operating properly. To schedule garage door spring repair services, contact us now.